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ASHOK SHARMAStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 12-09-2014 with a Target of 1300.00
CommentsA MUST LEARN FOR ALL INVESTORS ..... My dear investors we are all here to make millions. But stock market is not a cakewalk. You have to learn and follow the basics of the market.Share trading is a

My dear investors we are all here to make millions. But stock market is not a cakewalk. You have to learn and follow the basics of the market.Share trading is a highly professionalized job which require tons of knowledge, expertise & experience.

Do you know why more than 60% of the investors loose money in the stock market?. Only for a simple reason. Before trade do your homework or take expert advice to do so.

A few days ago we published a detailed article on option trading which is still posted on our website. To test whether investors learned or not yesterday we put a call buy SKS 320 put at 5 without stop and target. At a sudden all jumped to buy without homework hoping that that will make millions as it is ASHOK SHARMA\'s call. What happened next you all know.

My sincere advice to all visit our site, read the article and follow in your trading life. I assure you will make your millions in the stock market.

MAIL : aksctc@yahoo.com
Shailendra SinghStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 01-07-2014 with a Target of 1265.00
buy it
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 04-06-2014 with a Target of 1080.00
Commentsshort term
TARGET - 1080 STOP LOSS - 1045
Achal BhatStock Pick - Closed
Has a Sell Rating since 02-05-2014 with a Target of 898.00
Commentssell havells with the target of 898 sl 940
sell sell
Jignesh PatelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 11-04-2014 with a Target of 992.00
buy it
Vijay KumarStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 21-02-2014 with a Target of 833.00
buy it
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 18-02-2014 with a Target of 770.00
Commentsshort term
target - 770 stop loss - 736.5
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 29-01-2014 with a Target of 760.00
Commentsshort term
target - 760
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 29-11-2013 with a Target of 785.00
Commentsgood stock
Waman aryaStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 30-10-2013 with a Target of 811.00
buy it
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 09-10-2013 with a Target of 691.00
Commentsgood stock

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52 week Low313.35
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1 Week (2.19%)
1 Month (10.05%)

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