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G PStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 26-11-2014 with a Target of 3450.00
CommentsGrasim industries ltd
Looks Bullish
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 04-07-2014 with a Target of 3710.00
Commentsgood stock
Target - 3710
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 05-06-2014 with a Target of 3525.00
Commentsgood stock
target - 3525
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 19-05-2014 with a Target of 3375.00
Commentsgood stock
TARGET -3375 STOP LOSS- 2775
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 15-05-2014 with a Target of 3150.00
Commentsgood stock
TARGET -3150
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 31-10-2013 with a Target of 2950.00
Commentsgood stock
target 2950 not treading stock . kept for long term
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 13-10-2013 with a Target of 2775.00
Commentsgood stock
deepak patelStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 05-10-2013 with a Target of 2950.00
Commentsgood stock
only for profit long term target 3400 for 2 year stop loss 1750
SB Analyst TrackerStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 09-05-2013 with a Target of 3747.00
Buy grasim with a target of 3747 with a Strict Stop Loss 5% above the CMP. Stock should hit this target in the next 3-5 days. Analyst : motilal
SB Analyst TrackerStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 08-05-2013 with a Target of 3823.00
Buy grasim with a target of 3823 with a Strict Stop Loss 5% above the CMP. Stock should hit this target in the next 3-5 days. Analyst : edelweiss
Sathish AnandStock Pick - Closed
Has a Buy Rating since 03-04-2013 with a Target of 2950.00

StocksBuddy Administrator    08-07-2008

As mentioned in our Help section, at this time we do NOT have the ability to monitor intraday stock moves and hence any such picks are tracked and closed appropriately on the next trading day.

SB Admin
rakesh malik    08-07-2008
Commentsi sold grasim.target achived but not given why so?
grasim:sell :1733 entered:1703 last close:1673.80
bhavesh oza    06-10-2008
Comments1598 targate cmp sell
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